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Wieden+Kennedy Appoints New Global Executive Management Team, Colleen DeCourcy Joins W+K as Global Co-Executive Creative Director

“It is about making sure that the next generation of leadership gets started as early as they can. These are the most energizing pieces of news, I think, from the last couple days, that this agency has had in a long time. I mean, I know it’s important when we win the agency of the year, best global dee-dee-dah-dah-dah-dah-dah, but what we do inside, and how we keep this culture alive, and who are the people that we’re counting on to do that—this has been probably one of the biggest steps this agency has taken forward in a long, long time, and I can’t tell you how excited I am.”

—Dan Wieden


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W+K Announces New Joint Venture Led by John C Jay, W+K Garage

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We're very excited to introduce a new joint venture for Wieden+Kennedy, W+K Garage, led by our partner and Global Coexecutive Creative Director John C Jay.

In an all-agency meeting today, Jay described W+K Garage as focusing on “expanding the definition of what a modern agency can do, and should do.” He said it will be “a strategic and entrepreneurial shop that will concept, create and invest in innovative products, experiences, content and technology that will help to redefine the idea of what a modern, global brand is.”

He added: “Simply, I want to make things. Not to make meetings, but make in new ways. Make new products, digital and analogue. I want to make new businesses. I want to make new experiences–interactive or physical, in business and in culture.”

Jay described the intersection of technology, culture, arts, science and business in our everyday lives, and noted the importance of being able to think, communicate and act globally. “We're living in the greatest creative moment in history,” he said.

Jay also emphasized the importance of humanity and beauty to making an idea “great”.

On his decision to join W+K in 1993, he said, “I told myself, go where you can do the best work of your life–no asterisks.” In the meeting, he described W+K as a place that encourages each of its employees to become their best possible selves, leading to their best work, and said that this new venture was an opportunity to not only help W+K, but to help W+Kers achieve their creative potential, too.

To learn more, check out this Creativity article. Keep watching our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and follow John Jay on Tumblr.

W+K Portland Office Meets the New Class of W+K 12

This week, the eighth class of our 9-month, in-house advertising school W+K 12 introduced themselves to the Portland office with crème brûlée donuts, mimosas and an exhibition of their “abecedarium”, a “back to the basics tool . . . to help navigate the uncharted waters of this upcoming year . . . We don’t know what to expect, just that there’ll be a whole lot of learning involved.” Check out the pics of the event and find links to W+K 12 online below.

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