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Eat your heart out Kanye!


Andrew Schafer scored some free RUSH tickets and a few guys from the office without girlfriends tagged along. Just so you get a sense for the sheer scale of the spectacle, here is a photo of the Wieden crew at the beer tent. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out all the people milling around before the show. (and notice the hot babes in the top left and the top middle of the shot.)


EA Rock Band


The latest EA Games TV campaign, for the much-anticipated title Rock Band, goes live today. The three spots follow a band’s progression from the Lear Jet, to the limo pulling up to the arena, and finally to the moment when they’re on stage rehearsing, so please view them in this order:

And a big shout out to the team who worked so hard to make this campaign come to life:

Creatives: Storm Tharp and Jon Raymond
Producers: Niki Polyocan and Jessica Staples
Editors: Peter Wiedensmith, Corky Devault, and Kyle Valenta
Planning: Kelly Schoeffel
Account: Brendan Keenan and Jordan Delapoer
Business Affairs: Amber Lavender