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US vs London: EA fun

Happy World Cup! Electronic Arts is giving you the chance to take a shot at the other side. Leading up to historic US v England confrontation on Saturday, EA is encouraging smack talk in a whole new way. Fans on both sides of the pond will be able to have their messages to the opposition kicked over the big drink and printed on a ball that will come out on the other side. If you are in LA or London today it's worth the trip to participate. In London stop by Leicester Square, 5p-9p BST. In LA stop by Universal CityWalk, 10a-2p PST.  


And if you aren’t there in person you can add your message to the mix on Facebook and Twitter.

U.S. fans can Tweet to @BallstotheBrits. People on the ground in LA (Universal CityWalk) can type a message on-site, have it printed on a soccer ball and fired from a billboard in Leicester Square, London.

England fans can Tweet insults to @BallstotheYanks. People on the ground in Leicester Square can do the same thing and have their message printed on a ball and shout of a billboard at CityWalk.

Spread the word on Facebook London and LA.

Super Bowl Sunday

Coca-Cola "Hard Times"

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady

Senior Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt

Account Supervisor: Ryan Peterson

Coca-Cola "Sleepwalker"
Creative Directors Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady
Art Director Patty Orlando
Copywriter Dylan Lee
Senior Agency Producer Matt Hunnicutt
Account Supervisor Ryan Peterson

EA Dante’s Inferno “Hell Awaits"
Creative Directors: Jason Bagley/Eric Baldwin
Copywriter: Charles Gschwend/Kevin Jones
Art Director: Dominic Orlando/Adam Heathcott
Producer: Endy Hedman
Account: Team Becca Milby
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman/Mark Fitzloff
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

Dodge Man’s Last Stand
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen/Joe Staples
Copywriter: Joe Staples
Art Director: Jimm Lasser
Producer: Jessica Staples
Account Team: Maggie Entwistle/Steve Barry
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman/Mark Fitzloff
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

MySims Racing



Creative Directors: Aaron Allen & Jed Alger

Creative: Charlie Gschwend, Rob Kendall

Account Management: Katie Nance, Becca Milby

Studio Artist: Aaron Lee

Studio Manager: Maya Roberts

Strategic Planning: Adema Sall

Media: Kim Humphries, Kelsey Bozanich

Project Manager: Jane Monaghan

Retouching: Kyle Pero

Print Producer: Deborah Hyde

Art Buyer: Mia Chong-Hanssen

TV Director: Johannes Gamble

Viral Video Directors: Patrick Stanton,

Broadcast: Lara Gallagher

Special Thanks to Charlotte Arnold, Dan Blaney and Eric Stevens.

Go to Hell!

We wanted to take a more personal approach to the already fun EA Community
Day. We wanted full immersion from the moment the attendees were greeted at
the airport with signs that said “GO TO HELL” to them discovering cryptic
copies of Dante’s Inferno on their hotel beds.CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_01CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_03CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_05CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_06CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_07CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_08CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_09CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_10CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_11CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_12CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_13CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_14CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_15CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_16CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_17CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_18CommunityDayOverview_02_Page_19
CD: Aaron Allen, Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley
Creatives: Dominic Orlando, Adam Heathcott
Planner: Matt Kelley
Account: Becca Milby, Philip Kirsch
SM: Maya Roberts
Studio Team:
Karen Koch
Katie Mcginely
Sam Tudyk
Julia Dickey
Alice Baldwin
Ademar Matinian
Patrick Abbey
Malia Killings
Eric Blad
Aaron Lee
Sarah Hollowood (just a little bit)
Angie Mauer (just a little bit)

The following link is from a recipient of a Dante’s Inferno kit.