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W+K Delhi: Motherland Mag Named Magazine of the Week

wkdelhiW+K Delhi’s Motherland Magazine, which covers ideas and trends shaping contemporary Indian culture, has been named magazine of the week by Mag Culture.


From their site:

The new ‘Bandra’ issue of Delhi-based Motherland has taken the ‘place-portrait’ approach: the pages explore the district of Bandra, a.k.a ‘The Queen of Suburbs’, an area that has transformed from sleepy fishing village to a ‘Catholic refuge’ to ‘Bollywood’s playground’ over the centuries. Now, the area is rampantly redeveloping – a familiar story – and Motherland digs deep into these changes in the community with anthropologically engaged in-depth reportage. It’s a combination that creates a kind of Flaneur-meets-Makeshift magazine.


Read more about why Mag Culture loves Motherland and find out where you can buy a copy for yourself, here.

Happy Holidays From W+K Around the World

The work comes first, unless we’re tucked away at home for the holidays. While we’re sipping eggnog, here’s what’s happening on television screens around the world:

In London, a tweet from a Tesco customer inspired a campaign letting 800 town residents switch on one million Christmas lights, while the television spot celebrates the festive spirit that goes into preparing for the holidays.

(They also created some lovely cards made from the pulped remains of last year’s Christmas trees, benefitting Trees for Cities)

From our Delhi office, this year’s Diwali celebration saw Audi lighting up 400 homes in a village; for every 50 tweets on #shareyourlight, the company provided a set of solar LED lamps.


In Amsterdam, an epic match between Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard is cheered on by a few festive friends:

AMS has also made a snowglobe for you to enjoy–visit on your mobile device to make it snow and share the love.

Whatever and whenever you celebrate, here’s hoping you have a happy and peaceful time.