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Super Bowl 2013

Wash the chip-n-dips, put them away again for another year, and check out our spots from Super Bowl 47:



Coke’s “Chase” ad asked viewers to vote for who they’d like to win in a race to the last soda bottle in the desert: the Badlanders, the Cowboys, or the Showgirls.

Voters had the opportunity to sabotage the other teams, delaying them in the race:

And the winner was…

The Showgirls!



In Oreo’s “Whisper Fight”, library patrons argue about a question that has plagued humanity for aeons: cookie, or creme?

Fans of either can share an Instagram picture and tag it #cookiethis or #cremethis for a chance to have their photograph turned into a magnificent sculpture made of cookies or cream. Follow @Oreo on Instagram to see the works created so far.

Artists are standing by.

Super Bowl Sunday

Coca-Cola "Hard Times"

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady

Senior Agency Producer: Matt Hunnicutt

Account Supervisor: Ryan Peterson

Coca-Cola "Sleepwalker"
Creative Directors Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady
Art Director Patty Orlando
Copywriter Dylan Lee
Senior Agency Producer Matt Hunnicutt
Account Supervisor Ryan Peterson

EA Dante’s Inferno “Hell Awaits"
Creative Directors: Jason Bagley/Eric Baldwin
Copywriter: Charles Gschwend/Kevin Jones
Art Director: Dominic Orlando/Adam Heathcott
Producer: Endy Hedman
Account: Team Becca Milby
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman/Mark Fitzloff
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

Dodge Man’s Last Stand
Creative Directors: Aaron Allen/Joe Staples
Copywriter: Joe Staples
Art Director: Jimm Lasser
Producer: Jessica Staples
Account Team: Maggie Entwistle/Steve Barry
Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman/Mark Fitzloff
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

and the emmy goes to…. Coca-Cola’s Heist!

Saturday night, Heist, our animated spot for Coca-Cola won the Emmy for Outstanding Commercial. Heist originally debuted during last year’s Super Bowl. Congratulations to the entire team including creatives, Hal Curtis, Sheena Brady, Lee Jennings, James Moslander and Marc D’Avignon, account supervisor, Ryan Peterson, producers, Matt Hunnicutt and Juliana Montgomery and to Psyop for their amazing animation.

Jm holding

Our own Juliana was there to accept the Emmy on behalf of W+K. Here’s what she had to say…

Excruciating describes waiting for the “Outstanding Commercial” category to be called when it’s the primary category you came to hear. It took 4 hours of the Creative Arts Emmy Ceremony on Sept 12th to get to that category and of that – I needed to use the restroom for a good 3 hours of it. So – when the fateful moment came for the “Outstanding Commercial” announcement – I spent 3-5 seconds processing that Jaime-Lynn Sigler and Jerry Ferrera (“Turtle” from Entourage), just announced “And the Emmy goes to – Coca-Cola ‘Heist’” all I could think to do is walk briskly, remember everyone’s name, don’t trip up the stairs, reach out and accept that gorgeous award!

Open Happiness

Hearkening back to iconic Coca-Cola work of the past 100 years, we want to create a modern and ownable style for the next 100 years. We studied the previous contributions of Norman Rockwell and Hayden Sundblom and applied our observations to the photography style of Gary Land to create something new; a new visual identity that embodies Coca-Cola.

The inspiration.
The creative.
Some behind the scenes action.
Main lobby at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta.

Creative Directors: Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady
Art Director: Chris Thurman and James Moslander
Copywriter: Marc D’Avignon
Account Team: Ryan Peterson
Project Manager: Andrea Nelsen
Art Buyer: Marni Beardsley, Leah Jacobson and Mia Chong-Hanssen
Studio Manager: Shari Eiesland and Michael Frediani
Studio Artists: Cari Vander Yacht and Qiao Lin
Retouching: Peter Lindman
Photographer/Retouching: Gary Land

Coke Olympics

Here is a new Bejing Olympics spot from Coke featuring Lebron James and Yao Ming.Lebron





••••••Click here to view the hi-res spot••••••

CDs – Hal Curtis & Sheena Brady

Writer – Dylan Lee

Art Director – Mira Kaddoura

Account Team – Ryan Peterson & Elisa Silva

Producer – Kevin Diller

Biz Affairs – Teresa Lutz

Production/Animation company – Nexus

Directors – Smith and Folkes