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First Thursday: Caldera Presents the Tamarack Hall and Caldera Blues Projects

This First Thursday in the W+K atrium, Caldera presents an exhibition that is two-fold: an exploration of central Oregon’s landscape through the eye of a lens and illustrating the impression of legendary blues singers from Bessie Smith to Blind Boy Fuller; and their impact on Caldera’s student artists. Continue reading

More First Thursday

Join Caldera at 5:30 p.m. for the premiere screening of Caldera's Your Voice Communications Technology film created in partnership with the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission.

June 3 at Mercy Corps Action Center  6-8pm

28 SW First Avenue, Portland
(use the 45 SW Ankeny entrance)

First Thursday

Join us this first thursday in our gallery for an exhibition of photography, sculpture and drawing by Wendy Given.
Wendy Given produces work that resonate in the deep, dark and unstable ground between consciousness and collective memory. The current project "How to Explain Magic to a Dead Rabbit", consists of various portraits, objects and scenes depicting the subtle locus between metaphor, allegory, fact and fiction. 

The majority of the work was conceived and produced this past February at Caldera and Blue Lake – where invaluable time was spent working at a month long artist residency in idyllic Sisters, Oregon. 

The photographs, sculptures and drawing were constructed to evoke and illustrate an ongoing fascination with myth and magic, to honor the deceased, to reintroduce a contemporary narrative directed by centuries of folklore and legend, and to ultimately depict the fine, delicate line between realism and imagination.

Opening June 3, 5-8pm. 
Show runs through June 25

Author Ken Mercer

Dear Blog readers that are in Portland tomorrow, 
You are invited to see writer, Ken Mercer

Ken started his career in advertising, but could not shake the urge to be doing " real" writing. Back in the early 90s, he wrote his first book, a private eye novel then later ended up burning it. Years later while on an Independence Day trip with his family to a small town in rural Northern California, he got the idea for another book that would eventually become Slow Fire. He sat down and began to write it that September, and worked on it for almost four years. 

Please join us while Ken talks about his journey.



Camp caldera is throwing a fundraising shindig. The Caldera Underground will be an event filled with creativity and an element of absurdity. Mike Henderson along with Wendy Martenson and Lonnie Winter from the studio worked closely with Ken Smith and the fine folks at Caldera to create both a theme and collateral elements for the event. Using elements from Caldera they created a theme that focused on creating an underground forest of absurdity. The event will be held deep beneath the Wieden and Kennedy building on Thursday November 13th at 7pm. Tickets are available and can be purchased by visiting, or
calling 503-937-7438.





Designer: Mike Henderson