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Happy Holidays From W+K Around the World

The work comes first, unless we’re tucked away at home for the holidays. While we’re sipping eggnog, here’s what’s happening on television screens around the world:

In London, a tweet from a Tesco customer inspired a campaign letting 800 town residents switch on one million Christmas lights, while the television spot celebrates the festive spirit that goes into preparing for the holidays.

(They also created some lovely cards made from the pulped remains of last year’s Christmas trees, benefitting Trees for Cities)

From our Delhi office, this year’s Diwali celebration saw Audi lighting up 400 homes in a village; for every 50 tweets on #shareyourlight, the company provided a set of solar LED lamps.


In Amsterdam, an epic match between Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard is cheered on by a few festive friends:

AMS has also made a snowglobe for you to enjoy–visit on your mobile device to make it snow and share the love.

Whatever and whenever you celebrate, here’s hoping you have a happy and peaceful time.

W+K Amsterdam’s Alvaro Sotomayor Shares Portraits of Bulls, His “Mid-Life Celebration”

W+K Amsterdam Creative Director Alvaro Sotomayor has focused his art for the last several years on portraits depicting the 69 bulls that in Spanish history have succeeded in winning the bullfight to the demise of the matador. Having transformed the office garden house in to an art studio, it is filled with discarded materials that Alvaro uses to create paintings that fuel his “mid-life celebration” rather than a mid-life crisis.

Klea from In The Make has interviewed Alvaro on his art, life and the meaning behind the bulls; read the interview here.

flogging the dammers



Almost a month ago we made a trade of one Katie for one Janine. Say hello, if you haven’t already, to Janine Byrne. She comes to us from WK Amsterdam and has taken advantage of her time here. Have a look at her blog which she has started since coming over.

Here are five answers to some questions that we had for Janine.

1. What do you do at WK Amsterdam and how long have you worked there?
I’ve been in Amsterdam for 8 years now. That’s an awfully long time. In Amsterdam I work in the studio. I do all the usual things that involves. Same as you guys only with less structure. 😉
2. What would you do if you did not work in this mad house?
If I did not work here: In parallel universe where I was extremely outgoing and enormously confident I would be the singer/guitarist in an extremely successful all girl rock band.
3. Three things that have blown your mind since coming over to the States?
Three things that have blown my mind since coming the U.S.:
I. Complete strangers asking me how I am.
II. Supermarket staff being helpful and having any kind of clue about the produce they are selling. A direct contrast to Dutch Supermarkets.
III. America’s obsession with food, hygiene and insurance of every conceivable kind.
4. What kind of special super power do you have?
Special powers: I am really good at Bingo, and on Tuesdays I can fly.
5. Do you have other plans of things you want to do while you are here?
I have lot’s of things I want to do while here that don’t involve working. I have already visited Vegas where I didn’t get married, but did take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, and partake in the worlds highest thrill ride on the Stratosphere (terrifying, but in a good way). I am going bear watching in Canada and maybe Sea Kayaking. My Canadian friend said “gee, are they that entertaining?” For Europeans, the excitement of seeing bears in their natural habitat remains a thrill, since we will never know the fear of having to keep them off our porches. On a work note, I plan to cram in as many cool projects and learn as many new and exciting things as possible.

Bring it on.