W+K Delhi: Motherland Mag Named Magazine of the Week

wkdelhiW+K Delhi’s Motherland Magazine, which covers ideas and trends shaping contemporary Indian culture, has been named magazine of the week by Mag Culture.


From their site:

The new ‘Bandra’ issue of Delhi-based Motherland has taken the ‘place-portrait’ approach: the pages explore the district of Bandra, a.k.a ‘The Queen of Suburbs’, an area that has transformed from sleepy fishing village to a ‘Catholic refuge’ to ‘Bollywood’s playground’ over the centuries. Now, the area is rampantly redeveloping – a familiar story – and Motherland digs deep into these changes in the community with anthropologically engaged in-depth reportage. It’s a combination that creates a kind of Flaneur-meets-Makeshift magazine.


Read more about why Mag Culture loves Motherland and find out where you can buy a copy for yourself, here.

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