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W+K Delhi: Motherland Mag Named Magazine of the Week

wkdelhiW+K Delhi’s Motherland Magazine, which covers ideas and trends shaping contemporary Indian culture, has been named magazine of the week by Mag Culture.


From their site:

The new ‘Bandra’ issue of Delhi-based Motherland has taken the ‘place-portrait’ approach: the pages explore the district of Bandra, a.k.a ‘The Queen of Suburbs’, an area that has transformed from sleepy fishing village to a ‘Catholic refuge’ to ‘Bollywood’s playground’ over the centuries. Now, the area is rampantly redeveloping – a familiar story – and Motherland digs deep into these changes in the community with anthropologically engaged in-depth reportage. It’s a combination that creates a kind of Flaneur-meets-Makeshift magazine.


Read more about why Mag Culture loves Motherland and find out where you can buy a copy for yourself, here.

W+K London: The power of dreams: Jodorosky’s Dune and Raf Simons’ Dior


From W+K London, a lovely meditation on two recent documentaries about creative geniuses, and musings on their processes:

A couple of recent documentaries are worth a look for anyone interested in getting an insight into the creative process in industries different from advertising and marketing. 

Jodorowsky’s Dune tells the story of Chilean artist and director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unmade movie of Dune. He assembled an amazing group of collaborators, including French comics creator Moebius, Swiss artist of the gothic and bizarre HR Giger, Pink Floyd and special effects man Dan O’Bannon. He apparently signed up an amazing cast including David Carradine, Orson Welles, Mick Jagger, Udo Kier and Salvador Dali. And he developed a complete script and storyboard, scene by scene, for the entire movie. But the project was too ambitious and Jodorowsky apparently too crazed and uncompromising for any Hollywood studio to back him and his film. The fact that David Lynch was picked as the ‘safe’ option to direct Dune, in preference to Jodorowsky, gives some indication of just how far out there the Jodorowsky Dune would have been.

Read the full post on the W+K London blog.


Taste the Rainbow: Pics from the W+K Gay Club Art Show

The W+K Gay Club art show to kick off Pride weekend in Portland was a great success! Thanks to all of our visitors for coming out and having a blast.

If you want your own selfie in front of the neon rainbow, come check it out in the PDX foyer until the end of June.

W+K’s First-Ever Gay Pride Art Show!

WK_GAY_PRIDE_EVENT_IG_POST_ADo you like art? Do you like drinking? Do you like good causes? We bet you do.

Come kick off Gay Pride Weekend with the W+K Gay Club and @WKstudioPDX – local artists have created amazing work for a silent auction, with half the proceeds benefiting p:ear a local charity that builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation.

Wieden+Kennedy Gallery
224 N.W. 13th Ave
Portland, Oregon
June 12th

See you there!