W+K On the Side: What Ye is It?

Can’t wait for the new Kanye album?

Can’t always remember what day it is?

Neither can we. Lucky for you, there’s an answer.


Nick Stokes and Eric Swanson, two Portland-based WKers who are super stoked for Kanye’s 7th album, have created WhatYeIsIt.com—a single serving website that lets you add some ‘Ye to your day with 7 custom looping animations based on Kanye’s 7 solo albums and the 7 days of the week.

“It started out as just one drawing,” Stokes said. “Then that became an animation, then all the days of the week. It took on a life of its own.”

Check out a new video every day for a week at http://whatyeisit.com/ and @WhatYeIsIt on Instagram.

Happy Tues’Ye!

Team “What Ye Is It”:

Nick Stokes
Instagram: @nick_stokes_design
Web: http://itscolortime.com/

Eric Swanson
Web: http://cargocollective.com/ericswanson

One thought on “W+K On the Side: What Ye is It?

  1. momonilessprobs

    Slightly obsessed. Toeing the line between appropriately enthusiastic and unnerving head scratching. Anxiously awaiting these 12 minutes for the day to change and a glimpse into another album!


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