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Friday Recommends

Global Director of Interactive Strategies Renny Gleeson has some recommended reading/listening to get your brain whirring this weekend (and beyond).

Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z Podcast with Benedict Evans: Messaging is the Medium

A podcast (25:13) on how mobile is leading the industry.

“He talks faster than any human being on this planet,” Renny said. “And what he’s saying is brilliant.”

Minimum Lovable Product, by Spook Studio


“These are all valuable principles,” Renny said. “We’re examining our work, adjusting, and adopting.”

79 Theses on Technology. For Disputation.

79 provocative theses about the state of the world, and the technology and people within it; The Infernal Machine is taking each of these theses individually and digging deeper into them.

W+K On the Side: Shadowrun


We’re lucky to be living in a global renaissance of board games. Board and card games encourage face-to-face interaction with your friends and family, are good for your brain, give you an excuse to get away from screens for a while, and most importantly, they’re a ton of fun. Portland, Oregon has a thriving community of tabletop and board games players, and our own Tony Gambino shares why he’s proud to be among them. Continue reading

Wieden & Kennedy Philadelphia

Welcome to the Wieden & Kennedy weblog, our home on the World Wide Web.


As die-hard West Coasters, we never thought we’d ever announce the opening of an office on the other side of the country, much less one in Philadelphia.

But we believe in hiring the best people to do the best work for the best clients. We strive to build places where people can come to live up to their best potential.

So we’re stoked to announce that our Philadelphia office has won several pitches, and we’ll be expanding our client roster, which includes the ESPN cable network, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and YM magazine, to reflect the healthy and active client base in that city.

You go, Philadelphia!

This expansion represents the second time Wieden & Kennedy has explored opening another office; in 1985, we briefly supported a satellite office in Los Angeles, to service Honda.

See the rest of our current and expanding client roster, and see some of our best work from recent years, by visiting