To Eat Is Human; To Snack, Divine


Illustration by Rob Flowers for Snacks Quarterly

It is a truth universally acknowledged that snack foods are the best, and the only thing better than snack foods is actually eating them. But it turns out there’s one thing that’s almost as good as these delectable morsels–and that thing is a free, awesome online magazine devoted to this very topic: Snacks Quarterly.

Snacks Quarterly is an online magazine “for the distinguished snack enthusiast,” run by current W+K Senior Studio Designer Brad Simon, and W+K 12 alum/former W+K NYC’r/current W+K Shanghai’r Alexander Barrett.

Each issue features interviews and illustrations by a wide range of artists and designers, including Portland favs Will Bryant and Kate Bingaman-Burt, and features topical essays like “Dream Journal Selections (Snack Related), Feb-Oct 2014” by Casper Kelly.


An interview with and illustration by Adam Garcia

Snacks Quarterly is an amazing example of the power of collaboration. “Alex and I never really knew each other before this,” Brad said. “It’s all developed through email.” The original idea, Brad said, came after riffing with Alex on the topic of snacks; he checked to see if the URL had been registered, and, finding it available, the magazine was born.

“Snacks are inspiring because they’re always there and they do so much for all of us. Especially designers and writers,” Alex said, in a recent Co.Design article. “[Snacks are] there when we have to skip lunch to meet a deadline, when we just need a break, and when we need comforting after a bad meeting. But we rarely think about them creatively. It’s nice to take a moment to show them some love.”

The duo have just released their third issue, which all lovers of snack food and art and design can enjoy for free.

“We knew right away that there would be no ads or sponsors,” Brad added. “We’re not looking to make money. We’re doing it because we love it.”

Check out the latest issue of Snacks Quarterly here, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for peeks at their rad snack-themed illustrations and artwork.


Illustration by David Schwen

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