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Throwback Thursday: When People Tattoo Your Work On Their Body, You Can Say You’ve Made It


In 2006, the third class of W+K 12, Portland’s in-house advertising school, collaborated on a project to introduce themselves to the agency. That project was the “Fail Harder” wall, an art installation that remains one of the most popular pieces of art in the agency. Continue reading

When W+K Walked on the Wild Side

The Willamette Week recently spotlighted our 1985 spot for Honda scooters featuring Lou Reed as a significant moment in Portland’s history.

Dan and David had this to say:

“It saved our butt,” Kennedy said. “That was a pivotal point. The Honda spot ran–and Nike, whether that influenced them or not–came back to us.”

They also pointed out that the collaboration with editor Larry Bridges was essential to their success, both on this spot and with other iconic pieces, including 1988’s “Revolution” spot for Nike.

“This agency should be Wieden and Kennedy and Bridges,” Kennedy said.

“Yeah, because without that Bridge we wouldn’t have crossed a lot of ‘em,” Wieden added, laughing.

Check out the WW piece for an excellent summation on the spot’s significance for advertising in general and its impact on W+K’s business specifically, and the rest of their 40th anniversary special issue for some really excellent and interesting Portland history.

Also, while the above spot was for Honda Scooters, you can see our current slate of Honda brand work, which is handled by our London office.

Welcome To The First Room You’ll Actually Want To Be Locked Inside


Photo by Jamie Hale, The Oregonian

You and eight friends walk into a dark room. The door slams shut behind you and you hear the click of the lock turning in the door. A countdown timer illuminates: 60 minutes remaining.

No, you’re not in gore-horror-hit Saw–you’re playing “Spark of Resistance“, a real-life escape the room game in Portland, Oregon, designed and built by W+K interactive strategist Laura E. Hall and her creative compatriots, 60 Minutes to Escape.

Escape room games are puzzle events played in real-life environments. Much like a strategic briefing meeting, participants are locked in a room together and must solve puzzles and use their skills to escape in the allotted time frame. Continue reading

To Eat Is Human; To Snack, Divine


Illustration by Rob Flowers for Snacks Quarterly

It is a truth universally acknowledged that snack foods are the best, and the only thing better than snack foods is actually eating them. But it turns out there’s one thing that’s almost as good as these delectable morsels–and that thing is a free, awesome online magazine devoted to this very topic: Snacks Quarterly. Continue reading