Because Daily Calendars Are Boring (But Not This One)

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It’s late December. You’re standing in line at the bookstore last-minute gift shopping on Amazon when you remember that you’ve forgotten to buy a present for your loyal, patient desk-mate (ugh, how could you?!).

“Aha!” you think. “A daily calendar. It’s both decorative and functional. Surely this will make up for that time I left that salami on rye in our shared desk drawer before going on a shoot for 10 days!”

Well, no, it won’t. And it’s not because we still can’t get the lingering odor of spiced meats out of our keyboard.

“Those are the worst,” said W+K copywriter Brooke Barker, referring to daily calendars like “Only Dachshunds 2015” or “Origami-A-Day” (not drawers full of salami.) “You get tired of them after only a month or two.”


“You don’t get tired of daily Far Side comics,” said former 12-er (and current copywriter at another agency) Boaz Frankel. “Or–when it’s a different thing every single day of the year.”

That’s why Brooke and Boaz have created a daily calendar that is different every day. It’s called the “It’s Different Every Day Calendar” and you can pre-order one now by backing their Kickstarter.


So how did this project come about?

“We both like calendars,” Brooke said. “We both have five-year journals.” (Boaz is currently on his third year of writing in his.)

“We started talking about making our own calendar a year ago,” Boaz said. “We went to the Olympic Peninsula in the summer and planned it out. By the end of the weekend we’d done, like, a fifth of the year.”

And what kind of things might you find in the “It’s different every day calendar”?

“Mazes,” Brooke said. “Animal facts. Tips for talking to strangers at the bus stop.” (The tips, she says reassuringly, are more than: “Don’t.”)


“I like the idea that we’re spending a whole year with people,” Brooke said.

They also say that they want there to be an online component, where people can post photos of the things they’ve made or done with the calendar’s interactive pages.

“It’s gonna be a sweet year,” she added.

If you love fun and want to make your or someone else’s 2015 approximately 313 times better, get your own “It’s Different Every Day Calendar” now.

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