Meet the Interns 2014 – Part 1

The interns are among us! Here are just a few of their friendly faces. Keep checking the blog for more, and watch our internships page for openings:

Naheem Kujenya
Naheem Kujenya – Broadcast Production intern
An aspiring producer and filmmaker born and raised in Staten Island. He loves nature photography, playing chess, soccer, and bikram yoga.

James Heredia – Studio Intern
An aspiring artist from Miami with has a passion for animating, compositing and storytelling. He is also an avid skateboarder/surfer and documentarian.

Krisha Paz – Social and Interactive Strategy Intern
A Washington, DC native who says, “You’ll easily find me by my hair and tribal print clothing.” It’s her first time in Portland, but with the presence of coffee, books, hidden treasures, and Netflix, she feels right at home.

Daniel Moreno – Studio Intern
Hailing from Miami, he has over 13 years of classical music background playing the cello. He also loves video games, film, technology, pixel art and octopi.

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