Students: Apply for the Future of Stuff

Rad news for students from the age of 17-24 who are into entrepreneurship and design-driven innovation: PIE will be co-running a manufacturing design challenge created by the New York based Breaker Project, called the Future of Stuff. The deadline is next week; check out the post below for more details.

Hosted and supported by Concordia University and The Construct Foundation, the Breaker program will run May 4-19th.

This facilitated design challenge will have 17-24 year old students from across the city researching, designing, and testing the viability and social impact of business opportunities they identify for making and manufacturing.


After creating PIElette, the 7 week entrepreneurship program for underserved Portland youth, last year, PIE is excited to work with Breaker and the ever-growing maker and manufacturing community to introduce more students to challenge-based learning, design-driven innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

“The program was definitely successful,” said Kirsten Golden, program director of PIE. “We worked with kids involved in the Self Enhancement Inc. (SEI) program and had a sold out demo day with folks from the Portland Development Commission, the Technology Association of Oregon and media. PIElette got the ball rolling for development of more entrepreneurship focused programing for youth across many different channels.”


What does PIE hope will come of this?

“That the methodologies and overall learnings from Breaker continues,” Golden said. “The design challenge is temporary, but the ideas and methodologies coming out of it are sustainable with the support of the community. Breaker will excite entrepreneurial youth and young adults because it is exposing them to a new way of learning and an opportunity to design change that matters.”

Find more information about the Breaker program and a link to the application here. The deadline is April 25.

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