W+K On the Side: pdXercise and the Digital Strategist’s Brain

kickboxingpdxercise2Our own Agatha Asch is on a mission: try out every free exercise class in Portland (of which there are many), and write about it on her new blog, pdXercise.com. From qigong to pole dancing, she’s doing it all. And she’s finding that turning off her digital strategist brain is harder than she thought, even when outside of the office.

All day long I stare at the Internet. Okay, not ALL day. But definitely more than the average human being does because it’s my job to. As a sr. interactive strategist I need to know what’s going on online, what’s emerging and how the brands I work on can benefit from these findings. Basically, I’m a perfectionist about the Internet and have spent a great deal of time picking through blogs and websites. I can’t even shop online without pointing things out. I could very well drive myself crazy… which is why I told myself to f*ck off about 3 months ago.


3 months ago, I embarked on an exercise experiment and decided to start a blog to chronicle my escapades. pdXercise.com is where I share all of the workout deals in Portland while also exposing myself to classes I would have otherwise never have tried before like pole dancing, hot yoga, bootcamp, etc. and I write about it. All of it. I’m not a professional worker-outer by any means but I started pdXercise because I wanted something to help combat my “exercise ADD” so gym-hopping seemed like the answer and a funny answer at that.


Somehow, I’ve turned into one of those bloggers I would have otherwise read about. I write about exercise classes that I go to, learn about the studios and studio owners in Portland, search all over to find out about free fitness events in the area so that I can put them in a calendar for all of my readers and I’ve befriended other bloggers– some of whom I have yet to meet in person and others who have been nice enough to meet up for classes.

Oh, and, I yell at myself on a daily basis. Because I know my blog is far from perfect. It could use a heavy dose of design and I know when I travel I’ll have to blog less and that claws at my brain because “having a well managed content calendar is important to maintaining a community.” But, I try to push those thoughts aside because pdXercise.com is my personal space.

I’d bet that chefs have a tough time cooking for themselves and that opera singers can’t listen to music. But sometimes, you just have to tell your work self to f*ck off so that your real self can have a little fun and enjoy all that your work self has, well, worked so hard for. So, that’s what I’m doing. At least for now. Everyone should go check out my blog and try out some of the classes I’ve written about. Also, there are approximately 91273021739201739217 things wrong with my site. Work me asked that I put that in there for good measure.


Visit Aggie’s pdXercise project here!

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