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W+K Summer: Kate’s Bright PDX Mix Tape

otterpopW+K 12‘s Kate Digilio has been making mixtapes since she was a teenager, and has honed her expertise over the years, gaining a sizable online following. Below, she’s created one to help celebrate her first summer as a part of the W+K family in PDX. Continue reading

For Creative Technologists, an Introductory Field Guide to Dealing with Big Brands in Partnership with an Ad Agency

fieldguideWieden+Kennedy is an advertising agency that solves brand challenges through all creative media, and code is an increasingly important part of the brand experiences we build.

On October 19, 2012, Golan Levin gave a presentation at FITC’s Emerging Technology and Advertising event in Toronto titled New-Media Artists are the Unpaid R&D of Ad Agencies.

It was a provocation meant to spur dialogue between advertising agencies and new-media artists. Since we work with new media artists (and employ a few) and some work we’ve done was mentioned, we wanted to contribute to the discussion, because misunderstandings on each side of the line between art and advertising have the potential to sour relationships that should be awesome.

Yes, awesome. As an agency, we like to make great work with the best talent. And at a time when a new-media artist might struggle to make ends meet off their work alone, advertising is one industry that appreciates them and can give them a (paid) platform for their ideas. Is it always perfect? Hell no. But as an agency, we’ve worked out ways to collaborate through other creative media. Code should be no different. And the more we work together, the better it will get.

W+K’s Stephen Schieberl, a Cinder contributor and creative tech, joined with Renny Gleeson, W+K’s global head of interactive strategy, to coauthor an introductory guide to dealing with big brands in partnership with an ad agency like Wieden+Kennedy. It’s an open letter to the creative tech community explaining what’s important to brands and why, so we have a common language to help us get out of the woods and into some great work. We hope this offers directional guidance to help build productive, creative relationships. Continue reading

Summer’s Comin’


Summer has landed in Portland, which means 1) that it’s sunny, finally, 2) everyone in the city is wearing shorts/skirts/utilikilts, and 3) that we’re all complaining about having no AC.

To take the sting out of the “heat” for the next couple of months (c’mon, we’re talking highs of 85 here), we’re going to talk about two of our favorite things: music and games. We’ll do interviews, share mix tapes and chuckle as people fail at playing ping pong.

We will call it: W+K Summer.

So grab a mint julep served in a mason jar by a guy with an impeccably waxed mustache, join us on Twitter, Instagram and this blog, and enjoy the (slightly sweaty) ride.

Q&A with Mixed Media Sculptor James Florschutz on His Show “Transitions” & the Creative Process


Photo by Alan Cummings, ADX

We sat down with mixed media sculptor James Florschutz to talk about “Transitions”, his show in the W+K gallery and how his background in carpentry continues to inspire his pieces today. Continue reading

W+K On the Side: Mad Science

madscienceposterWe spoke to strategic planner Brandon Thornton and designer Justin Morris about their upcoming art show, Mad Science—an exploration of how art, science and the future converge to solve the world’s problems (imagined and real). Continue reading