W+Ker: Meet Erin


Meet Erin! Erin is a client production biller who’s a big fan of Doctor Who and geek culture. Want to know what her superpower would be? Check out our Q&A below.

Q: What do you do at W+K?
A: I’m a client production biller. I work with the client to get money for the production jobs that we do here at W+K. We gets estimates from production and craft service. Depending on the client, I take that and get a purchase order for the work, and bill it to the client. I make sure that everything that’s being put into that job is the correct thing, or else send it back and tell them no–we’re like production cost traffic cops. We work with BA on everything, since they send us the invoices that need to be paid. I also approve expenses from people that work on production. So everyone has to be nice to me.


Q: How long have you been in Portland?
A: I’ve been in Portland for two years, in April. I got a temporary job here, packed up my Toyota Corolla and moved up. I was in San Diego before that.

I love Portland. It’s the best city that I’ve ever lived in. I like the weather—I’m not kidding. I like the chill atmosphere. I like the job. I like how mostly everywhere here, you go to hang out. It’s a hangout city.


Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at W+K?
A:The atmosphere is really cool. Everybody is amicable, and like-minded, and accepting. We do amazing work, so even though I play a small part in it, it’s very rewarding to see something that I helped people pay for, on TV or winning awards, or touching people like the P&G Mom ad. Not just the stuff that makes us laugh, but the stuff that makes us feel something.


Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A: If it’s in the X-Men universe, I’d want to control plastic. Then I could team up with Magneto and we’d be unstoppable, because they always try to use plastic against him.

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