W+K Dogs: Meet Max

Max is a 6 year old mutt–part pug, part Pekingese, part schnauzer (probably)–a combination more commonly known as a “red-tailed, Kentucky lickin’, road-trippin’ dawg”. He loves peanut butter, and he’s pals with Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights. Meet Max!

Max’s person, Becca, says that he’s always hungry for attention.

“He’s a space invader,” she said. “He likes to be really close. He loves people.”

Becca and her husband aren’t quite sure what breeds make up Max’s DNA, so they eventually settled on “red-tailed, Kentucky lickin’ dog.”

“He was a rescue,” Becca said. “We got him from a farm in Berea, Kentucky called Lisa’s Lil’ Buddies. He was on puppy death row. This woman Lisa saves all those dogs and takes them to this magical farm, and that’s where he came from.”

They found Max online, but didn’t have much information about him.

“The description was, ‘Max is a baby doll,'” Becca said. “That’s all it said. He came with his name.”

Since then, the family has moved around the country a few times, but Max doesn’t mind the change of scenery.

“Max loves road trips,” Becca said. “He’s gone through almost every US state. He really likes the woods, so he loves it in Portland. He was in Texas most of his life, and he doesn’t know how to swim–the water scares him.”

And that’s not the only thing that scares him, according to his owner: “He’s really afraid of things that look like they should be alive–like those big rabbits people put in their yards on Easter, or the blow-up Santa Clauses. If we’re out on a walk and he sees one, he’ll freeze up.”

Max is a big fan of walks, too, but not just for the fresh air.

“When he was a puppy he wouldn’t go on a walk without a toy in his mouth. He loves little stuffed animals,” Becca said. “He had a little buffalo he carried around for a long time. He’d parade up and down South Congress in Austin with the buffalo or his toy octopus, which looked ridiculous. All the neighbors knew him and would talk to him. He does it for attention; he knows exactly how to get it.”

Max’s family portrait, by Sara Pulver

Even though he’s living in Portland, Max is a Texas dog at heart.

“He likes to eat June bugs,” Becca said. “I don’t know if they have them here, but anyone from Texas will know what I’m talking about.”

But the most Texas thing about Max? The endorsements he’s received.

“One morning, my husband went to get coffee at Joe’s Coffee on South Congress in Austin, where Friday Night Lights was filmed,” Becca said. “He saw Kyle Chandler, who plays this character we love, there. He looks down and goes, ‘That’s a good lookin’ dawg.’ That’s the coolest thing about Max: Coach Taylor loves him.”

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