Monthly Archives: April 2013

Be a Manwolf First Thursday, May 2nd

Manwolfs are coming. Here’s your opportunity to join.

Doors – 6pm
Performance/Sermon/Inititaion – 7:30pm
Ski masks are the recommend attire for the evening.
Beer & Wolfsnacks provided.

Who are the Manwolfs anyway?

The Manwolfs were once a rare and diminishing breed of waywardly inclined human men but ever since their appearance in the cult film classic Machotaildrop their numbers seem to be on the increase. Small pockets of these ungodly fellows have been appearing across the planet in various forms, spreading their infectious gang laden ways on to the next batch of unsuspecting civilians who are taking up the reigns of their vague but noble cause.

The links below reflect some of the key moments in the Manwolfs rise to prominence. See you Thursday.

Machotaildrop Trailer
Es Shoes – Kick to Kill Commercial
Mister Heavenly “Bronx Sniper” Music Video

Introducing Bettery, the Better Rechargeable Battery

Recently, our studio and W+K Tomorrow partnered with local startup Bettery, who offer rechargeable batteries and swap stations, to completely reinvent their branding from the ground up–everything from their logo to the user interface on their physical machines. We talked to associate studio manager Wendy Martenson about the year-and-a-half-long process. Continue reading

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