W+Ker: Ken Rides Again

Portland’s Robin Rosenberg writes about the sometimes odd previous jobs of W+Kers, our own Ken Meyer’s history as a Zamboni driver, and how he came to drive the Portland Winterhawks’ “Fanboni” last week at the season playoffs.

Wieden+Kennedy employees have a particular knack for arriving in advertising via the road less travelled. Among your co-workers you might find former professional atheletes, restauranteurs, journalists or janitors. Art Director Ken Meyer is, I’m fairly certain, the only former professional Zamboni driver in the Wieden network. Before he was kerning in the WK Studio, Ken was smoothing out the rough edges for the Golden Flashes at the Kent State Ice Arena in Kent, OH.

On Friday March 22, Ken stepped back into the rink and took the Portland Winterhawks’ “Fanboni” for a spin on Night One of Season Playoffs at the Portland Rose Garden. Getting Ken reunited with his lost love, the ice resurfacer, began as a “what if” and tuned into a “what the?” thanks to a few tenacious co-workers and the wonderfully warm and kind folks at the Winterhawks.

A handful of co-workers and their offspring joined Ken and his wife Janice and of course Tom-A-Hawk, the beloved Winterhawks mascot. We’re learned that Ken was the first civilian allowed to operate the Fanboni, and we believe that exception was made because he learned to drive in Ohio, not Portland.

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