Meet the 13 Members of W+K12.9

Later today, the latest class of W+K 12, our in-house advertising school, will introduce themselves to the agency. Allow us to now introduce all of them to you.

Who: Vincent Largoza
Where: Originally from San Diego, came up to 12 from Long Beach.
What: Designer. “And I’m a SoCal boy,” he says.
Why: “I’m here to explore as much as possible without putting a label on myself”


Who: Nick Stokes
Where: Born-and-bred Portlander, though spent a lot of time in LA.
What: Graphic design and illustration.
Why: “I want to keep my roots in illustration and design, but I want to test the waters.”


Who: Francesca Chabrier
Where: Grew up in Brooklyn, recently moved to Portland from Western Massachusetts.
What: Poet, college professor.
Why: “I decided last year I wanted to quit teaching; I want to find new ways to present my work, to pair image with language.”


Who: Ansel Wallenfang
Where: Born in Santa Barbara, raised in Wisconsin, moved abroad for a while, did grad school in Santa Barbara, a bit of time in Omaha, and now Portland.
What: Musician, pianist, music teacher, writer.
Why: “Ultimately, I want to write and direct. In the group we’re all starting to find our roles, but I want to contribute to making cool shit.”


Who: Eric Swanson
Where: From Los Alamitos, CA, living in Somerville, Massachusetts, just arrived in Portland.
What: Copywriter.
Why: “I’m here to explore. Copywriting, animation, exploring new environments…”


Who: Kate Digillio
Where: Born and raised in New York. School in Boston, bouncing all over. Happy to put down some roots in Portland.
What: Designer.
Why: “I definitely think I want to make things with my hands more–I’ve never really been in a space to do that–especially because I’ve been working in digital for so long.”


Who: Todd Saucier
Where: San Diego, been in Portland for 4 or 5 years.
What: Animal care at the Oregon Humane Society.
Why: “I have an undying need to create. I think my strongest skill is illustration. I’ve always liked writing but I’ve never been ballsy enough to say I was a writer, so I could focus on that aspect a little more. I want to do a lot of stuff.”


Who: Wayne Kasserman
Where: New York City.
What: Ran Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City after rescuing two dogs there, and finding out it was going out of business.
Why: “What I want to do is experience, as I explore what my niche will be, and to meet as many different people in the office as I can.”


Who: Nick Finney
Where: Originally from Indiana, been in New York and LA for the last four years.
What: Studio designer. Former concert booker.
Why: “Learning how to become more conceptual with ideas, how to take ideas and take them to the next level, differentiating between what’s an okay/good/bad idea, how to push them further to break the mold.”


Who: Brad Holdgrafer
Where: Newport Beach, CA, where he used to live on a boat.
What: With friends, started
Why: “I love doing art direction and graphic design. But I have no idea what I’ll end up doing.”


Who: Delia Reyes
Where: In New York, studying at Parsons. Originally from Santiago, Chile.
What: Writer, hybrid creative, strategic planner.
Why: “When faced with the decision, I wanted to take the far-out one. I’m not sure where it will lead me, and I think that’s a good thing.”


Who: Anna Zusman
Where: Grew up in Portland, Have been on the east coast for the last 5 years
What: Most recently was working at National Geographic in the books division, doing print design.
Why: “I sort of saw my future in book design and had no interest in it, and have felt like I wanted to get into advertising but I didn’t really know in what role. I knew I wanted to be part of something creative and push myself and utilize my design skills, but didn’t know if I wanted to continue to sit in front of a computer all day, or continue doing design in the way that I have been. The more I learn about it, the less sure I am of what I want to do. I’m open to anything.”


Who: Michael Nesmith
Where: Chicago, Ill.
What: Graphic designer, college professor.
Why: “It was difficult to leave, but I’m ready for something new. I like a challenge.”

5 thoughts on “Meet the 13 Members of W+K12.9

  1. Carol Neiger

    So exciting to see all of you as a team. Go W+K12.9! NeigerDesign is rooting for all of you! But we are especially proud of Michael and we miss you 🙂 Good Luck-Keep on working hard-From Carol, Barry, Josh, John, Michelle, Jim & Izumi

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  3. Jessica Towery

    Trying to get in touch with Wayne Kasserman, just for old times sake. Volunteered at Liberty Humane while he was manager – and it hasn’t been the same since he left!


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