W+Kers: Meet Danny

Our hunt for the new Old Spice strategist is over, and we’ve hired the candidate who best ran the internet gauntlet: Danny Schotthoefer, the man from Montana. But the challenges haven’t quite ended for Danny…this week, we asked him to introduce himself to the internet and answer its questions in 6 second clips, using Vine. Learn more about Danny and check out his responses, below.


From @cameronsandage: Which of the task did you do / complete to gain entry into WK? And what is your background before joining Old Spice?


From @stevebraband: Will centaurs be involved?


From @LeeEar: what makes a good strategist for Old Spice? Or any brand for the matter?


From @brittontaylor: Question: Are you an alien?


From @amylsimmonds: Has he shaved a day in his life?


From @MMMMBLT: What is the manliest smell?


From @AKA_MANCHILD: what’s the Internet?

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