W+K Dogs: Meet Whiskey

Whiskey is a W+K dog that recently made a transatlantic journey, after his parents moved from the Portland office to the London one. We were sad to say goodbye, but happy that he’ll be reunited with his family again.

Maya was the studio manager for the Portland office, and recently moved to be the studio director in the London office. Her dog, Whiskey, stayed behind in Portland for a few months, so that Maya, her husband and son could get settled.

Whiskey’s friends Katie Reardon, Rehanah Spence and Ben Sellon all took care of him, to try and make the transition less stressful.

Whiskey is a friendly dog, but he missed his people a lot, and started becoming very protective of his helpers, especially when other dogs were around.

He said his goodbyes to the W+K Portland office and to his dog friends at the Dog Patch before hopping on a plane.

Whiskey made it safely to London, and though the journey was stressful, he’s relieved and happy to be with his pack again.

Whiskey at his new home, in London

And back in Portland, we’ll always remember the time we got to spend together. Bon voyage, Whiskey!

Whiskey’s old spot in Studio, complete with his puppy photo, leash and favorite sweatshirt to sleep on

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