Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Series of Videos for Travel Portland Gives you 25 Excellent Reasons to Book a Trip Now

Last year, our friend Alexander Barrett wrote a zine called This Is Portland: The City You’ve Heard You Should Like as a project for W+K12. He self-published it and it sold out at Powell’s in about two hours. He’s also a very funny guy.

All of which made him a perfect spokesperson for our newest campaign for Travel Portland: a series of 25 videos, each with a great reason to visit our fair city. We talked to Andrew Dickson and Chris Thurman about how the project came about, and what’s next. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes of the Oreo Instagram Super Bowl Execution

We sat down with senior interactive strategist Agatha Asch to talk about the genesis of the Oreo “Cookie vs. Creme” Instagram execution for the Super Bowl, how it came about, and what was going on behind the scenes (hint: giant warehouses, and tubs of delicious white goo). Continue reading

W+Kers: Meet Danny

Our hunt for the new Old Spice strategist is over, and we’ve hired the candidate who best ran the internet gauntlet: Danny Schotthoefer, the man from Montana. But the challenges haven’t quite ended for Danny…this week, we asked him to introduce himself to the internet and answer its questions in 6 second clips, using Vine. Learn more about Danny and check out his responses, below.

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W+K On the Side: Music of Paradise Celebrates Portland Garage Rock Scene, Spirit of the ’60s

The shakin’ 60’s-inspired band Paradise has just released a new music video, and is preparing for a performance later this week. We sat down with W+K’s own Tamar, the Farfisa player in Paradise, to talk about the creative process, how to attract a couple hundred mods to your swinging performance, and that cool ’60s vibe.

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