W+K Dogs: Meet Beaker

Beaker is a 3-year-old pomeranian from Australia, who loves people–especially her human, Justine.

Beaker came over to the US from Australia with her owner Justine, along with a white pomeranian named Doug.

Overall, she’s a calm dog who likes being around people. “She was eaten once by a big dog, so it’s left her with some issues,” Justine said. “She’s more of a human lover.”

She also likes being held, “which is good,” according to her owner, “because she gets picked up a lot here.”

Beaker loves freeze dried trail mix, and “will do anything for a piece of cheese.” She’ll feign interest in toys, but prefers to hang out with Justine: “I’m her favorite toy.”

3 thoughts on “W+K Dogs: Meet Beaker

  1. Devin Mulertt

    Beaker is adorable! I know she and my bichon Oliver would get along
    great! Both of them have a weakness for cheese, and they could team up
    against any bigger guys. (Oliver had a bad experience with a big dog in
    puppy obedience school that I don’t think he’s ever truly been able to


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