W+K Jobs: PDX Seeking Social Strategist for Old Spice

This could be your desk.

Do you regularly surf the Web?

Can you do Facebook?

Does the prospect of a more digital future get you jazzed?

W+K believes that the World Wide Web has the potential to go mainstream someday.

That’s why we’re looking for a social strategist to help us usher in the future for our beloved client Old Spice.

We’ve created a series of Internet challenges to help us find the perfect candidate. If you think you have what it takes to succeed in the world of tomorrow, we encourage you to participate. The challenges start today and end Monday, November 5th, so don’t wait. All of the pertinent information is here:

Good luck, cyber warriors.

11 thoughts on “W+K Jobs: PDX Seeking Social Strategist for Old Spice

  1. Anonymous

    Researchers are saying that within the 21st century we could see as many as 1 MILLION people accessing the World Wide Web PER YEAR.

    The prospect is exciting, but I hope we proceed with caution. Who knows the true implications of this incredible innovation.

  2. Andrew Grossman

    It’s a brilliant hiring strategy to post this opening on social media, since that’s obviously where your ideal candidate is going to live. That being said, consistency in brand and messaging is key for engagement and developing a following.

    The most impressive social campaigns come from consistent, compelling content and channels. While the challenges are funny, unique, and creative, they can’t be the most effective representation of a job candidate because they are one-offs.

    A strategist will have a solid online brand that doesn’t need to be challenged. You can probably search them to find examples of their skills by their personal profiles, or those of companies they manage. The discoverable candidate probably has a content strategy that reflects their brand, thoughts, and strategies.

    Finding the person who does it right already will help you find a candidate who is consistently awesome — not just one that is awesome for a WK job. Moreover, the job candidates won’t be risking their online brands for strange behavior (#MyPits).

    Best of luck! Love the innovation at WK.

    Andrew Grossman
    Pathos Digital Marketing

    G+: https://plus.google.com/102885699103930722387/posts
    Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/GrossmanAndrewM

  3. Priyankanig

    Can graduate students with an F-1 visa status participate? I am only asking coz I don’t want one of “ze boring lawyers” get on my case and disqualify me after I am done posting a picture of my pits and all that :p

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