Ever Thought About What You Would Do with an Extra Five Years?

Ever thought about what you would do with an extra 5 years?

That’s not a terribly long time—unless it’s been projected that you might live a shorter life than your parents. Nike, Inc. Access to Sport, a nonprofit arm of Nike, enlisted W+K Portland in their search for a solution to this worldwide issue. Yesterday, at the 8th Annual Clinton Global Initiative, we presented Extra Time, a film dedicated to the global mission to move. After all, that’s what we’re designed to do.

The spot—directed locally by Lance Bangs, then produced and edited by Don’t Act Big and Joint—captures the honest and whimsical thoughts and wishes of how some kids might like to spend their time if they had an extra five years to live. They answered with ideas we hadn’t imagined before.

Nike, Inc. Access to Sport used our combined research to create a simple message: The downfall of physical activity is a major culprit of our generation’s life-threatening epidemic affecting kids all over the world. Our tech-savvy society has engineered the need to move out of our lives. Time spent running, jumping and playing has been taken out to make room for more video game playing, television watching and web-surfing.

But it’s time to put real movement back in. We found the best time to create lifelong habits for movement is during childhood. Whether our kids want to invent more things, win more championships, or go to the moon to look for aliens, we put our backbones into the work to see that they have all the years possible to get started.

For more information about the mission to move and ways to take action, visit designedtomove.org.

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