A Mysterious and Intriguing Message from the Society of Twelve

This morning, we received a strange email from a group calling themselves “The Society of Twelve”, asking us to help them recruit new members into their ranks. Perhaps you can unravel its meaning?

“For years we’ve been calling it an experiment disguised as a school disguised as an agency, but really WK.12 is a thinly-veiled secret society.

This year in the Society of Twelve we’ve raised prostate cancer awareness, supported arts in schools and promoted literacy.

At least, those are the things we’re allowed to talk about. Now we’re onto our last task before we disperse across the globe like all the secret alumni that have preceded us. We are recruiting 13 more members for our secret society.

We don’t require any royal bloodline or (much) goat sacrificing in the Society of Twelve but we are looking for designers, writers, robot-makers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, schemers and others who enjoy being creative and solving problems.

We’re only accepting applications for a limited time–until October 20th–so now is the time to act. We’ve built an appropriately secretive site to manage this recruitment window. Only those who crack the code will gain access to information on joining our legacy-driven society. Countless individuals will visit. Many will apply. 13 will be chosen.

Good luck.”

4 thoughts on “A Mysterious and Intriguing Message from the Society of Twelve

  1. Nurse Ratchett

    Ever hear the stories of Hot-Vessel Cadavers(tm) that get stabbed 200 times by their owners and still keep on fucking? At least a few of them are true. It’s not because the repeated stab wounds fail to effect the heart or metabolism, but because the forced diet of LSD/Datura/puffer fish effects the mind. It is a dissassociative anesthetic, which means that it blocks out pain and fear. And statistics indicate, when a Hot-Vessel Cadaver(tm) gets stabbed, bludgeoned or mutilated via FIRE & ICE technologies, there’s no biomechanical reason they can’t continue sucking, fucking and secreting OV(tm) for several more hundred years. The reason most Working Sex Magickians retire their Hot-Vessel Cadavers(tm) after only a few days is because they are overwhelmed with sexual pleasure and ecstasy and endless variety is the spice of life.

  2. Kat Flaherty

    I’m not applying this year, as I’m just in my Intro Design Class in university. But I can’t really find any information as to (possible) requirements. Like age restriction, time at the school/agency/secret society, cost, etc? Or should I assume that if you apply then you’ll receive all of that information?


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