W+K Portland Gears Up for the Annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge

This month, W+K Portland is gearing up for the annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge. The BCC is “a friendly competition – workplace against workplace – to see who can bike to work more during the month of September” (via).

Employees are encouraged to log their miles on a daily or weekly basis, and at the end of the month the BTA tallies the trips and ranks all workplaces in size categories by the percentage of cycling commutes. W+K has participated in the BCC since 2005.

Last year we logged 9978.13 miles, and Reed College eked out a win over W+K by a mere mile difference. This year, the goal is 10K–and to beat Reed College once and for all.

A tempting reward for Bike Commute Challenge participants.

Prizes will be awarded for riding 100% of the month, riding the most miles, having the most ridiculous bike story and for other undisclosed achievements. Should our goal be achieved, a surprise is in store for the whole agency involving “ridiculous amounts of spandex”.

W+K Bike Commute Challenge Stats from 2009-2011
Sept 2011: 9978.13 total miles
Sept 2010: 7443 total miles
Sept 2009: 2220 total miles

Sign up for the challenge at BikeCommuteChallenge.com and check out our other photos of the event here.

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