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Ever Thought About What You Would Do with an Extra Five Years?

Ever thought about what you would do with an extra 5 years?

That’s not a terribly long time—unless it’s been projected that you might live a shorter life than your parents. Nike, Inc. Access to Sport, a nonprofit arm of Nike, enlisted W+K Portland in their search for a solution to this worldwide issue. Yesterday, at the 8th Annual Clinton Global Initiative, we presented Extra Time, a film dedicated to the global mission to move. After all, that’s what we’re designed to do.

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A Mysterious and Intriguing Message from the Society of Twelve

This morning, we received a strange email from a group calling themselves “The Society of Twelve”, asking us to help them recruit new members into their ranks. Perhaps you can unravel its meaning?

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XOXO Festival: What It’s All About & Why We Loved It

photo by brookeparrott

by Dan Hon and Renny Gleeson

A week ago, the brand-new XOXO Festival hit Portland, and for the next three days it was like the best bits of the internet–all the earnestness, the niceness, the anyone-can-make-it-if-you-just-try-hard-ness–camped out at the lo-fi YU Contemporary and generally hung out, fertilised, cross-pollinated and exploded into roughly four hundred shards of optimistic potential.

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How to Make a Viral Campaign, Wieden+Kennedy-Style: an Interview with Copywriter Dan Kroeger

How to Make a Viral Campaign, Wieden+Kennedy-Style

by Chee Brossy

College is all about learning, but it’s also about sharing a bathroom with strangers, figuring out laundry and firing angry birds at pig houses. That’s why this back to college season, W+K and client Target created a contest for 16 scholarships for items you actually want when going off to college—a year’s supply of make up or Red Bull; a new laptop complete with a desk, speakers, mouse and webcam; or a set of dorm furniture, including an Xbox. To compete for a scholarship, a student had to complete an online video “interview” with Target’s “scholarship board.”

We received over 10,000 videos as college students competed for one of these fun “Stuff Scholarships.” Here we catch up with copywriter Dan Kroeger, a member of the three-man creative team (art director Johan Arlig and copywriter J. Smith are the other two), on what we’ve seen, key lessons from our user-generated video contest and what’s made this campaign so engaging.

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W+K Portland Gears Up for the Annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge

This month, W+K Portland is gearing up for the annual BTA Bike Commute Challenge. The BCC is “a friendly competition – workplace against workplace – to see who can bike to work more during the month of September” (via).

Employees are encouraged to log their miles on a daily or weekly basis, and at the end of the month the BTA tallies the trips and ranks all workplaces in size categories by the percentage of cycling commutes. W+K has participated in the BCC since 2005.

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