An Interview with David Kennedy About Sculpture

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The first “Peace” sculpture David did was the word in Hebrew—although he’s not Jewish, David lived with his family near a Jewish neighborhood in Chicago after he got his start in advertising. He’d found sculpture after decades of being away from the art. It wasn’t until David visited his daughter’s painting class at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1988 that he remembered his artistic calling.

“I used to get so jealous of her,” David says. “I could smell the linseed oil and turpentine and I just had to get in a studio. I was addicted again.”

David had studied fine art and sculpture as an undergrad at the University of Colorado-Boulder in the early ‘60s. “Abstract expressionism was over my head,” he says. But metalworking and drawing were his strong points.

Once back to sculpture, David was reinvigorated. Advertising was his work, and he loved being an art director, but lately he’d been bogged down in business side, unable to create.

“I might have been the worst art director in the history of this company,” David says. “Because I spent all my time in meetings. It was frustrating because I just wanted to make ads. If I wasn’t making shit, I wasn’t a happy camper.”

David next to the Tsimshian Totem Pole, second floor, W+K.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the David Kennedy interview—in which David says, “This is fucked,” among other gems!

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