First Thursday at W+K PDX: Pac NW Surfers Make Waves How To Earn Money With Sale Of Clothes Market Stock Units

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The show features work from Amy Carleton, Monica Ranes, Danny Sullivan, Scrappers, Ben Moon, Joe Curren, Yasmina Dedijer-Small, John Holm, Gregg Kaplan, Rick Albano, Eli Anderson, Allan Schmitt, Mark McInnis, Dan Murdey, Scott Patt & Luke Yablonski

There are surprises around every corner…

The show is up until the end of August, so if you’re in the PDX Pearl, visit the W+K atrium to check it out.

3 thoughts on “First Thursday at W+K PDX: Pac NW Surfers Make Waves

  1. John utz

    what are the public hours in the atrium for the rest of the month to check this out? Anyone know?

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