Monthly Archives: July 2012

Fresh Crop of W+K Interns Introduce Themselves to the Agency

Every summer, W+K hosts interns from all over the globe, giving them a first-hand taste of the (crazy) ad world. For the first time ever, interns introduced themselves by inviting the rest of the agency to a party on the 6th floor deck. Lebanese cocktails were chased with snacks, music, and good times. Among the other things shared: (loud) laughs, (horror) stories, (maybe decent) ideas.

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W+Ker Series: Meet Dinesh

Meet Dinesh Dave. Dinesh has just started his internship with the W+K studio and comprises 1/3rd of the design team that created W+Kulture, the initiative to introduce all summer interns to the agency. Learn more about him, where he’s from and what he’s working on, below.

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