W+K Portland Office Meets the New Class of W+K 12

This week, the eighth class of our 9-month, in-house advertising school W+K 12 introduced themselves to the Portland office with crème brûlée donuts, mimosas and an exhibition of their “abecedarium”, a “back to the basics tool . . . to help navigate the uncharted waters of this upcoming year . . . We don’t know what to expect, just that there’ll be a whole lot of learning involved.” Check out the pics of the event and find links to W+K 12 online below.

Everything’s better with blowtorches. Donuts by Donutorama.

Twenty six placards lined the walkway, each detailing a different element, motto or dream for this year’s W+K12 program.

X marks the spot.

Find W+K 12.8 online on Twitter (@wk12), Instagram (@wk12point8) and online at wk12.tumblr.com.

7 thoughts on “W+K Portland Office Meets the New Class of W+K 12

  1. Rachel D

    one day, I am going to make it into the wk12 program. all wrapped up being an entrepreneur at the moment. in due time.

  2. W+K Dropout

    Follow W+K on Twitter and Facebook, they post the application there, but it is usually in a hidden message. Gotta think Creatively 


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