W+K 2012 Super Bowl Spots

For those that missed the game and those that can’t wait to watch last night’s spots again, here are ours. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


“It’s Halftime in America”

Share the video from the Chrysler YouTube channel and see how far across the country your Tweets and reshares reach.






You can replay highlights from the polar bears second screen experience on the Coca-Cola YouTube channel.

6 thoughts on “W+K 2012 Super Bowl Spots

  1. Ernie Schenck

    So what can one say about the Chrysler spot.  Again, W+K travels its own path with work that actually has something to say.  Best stuff for the last two years running.  

  2. AgitatedState

    What was the music in the Chrysler ad (the music bed beneath Mr. Eastwood)? I loved it.

  3. Brian

    Glen Beck went on some lunatic rant this morning about the polar bears and coke spots. I didn’t catch all of it but it was yet another warning and caution that, if you mess with Glen Beck, you mess with the whole trailer park.He is very busy these days with his new foundation, “Double Wide Lives, Mile High Dreams”.

  4. Anonymous

    Love the music on the coke spot that show the bear trying not to fumble his coke.  Haven’t heard music that so beautifully compliments a nonverbal animated scene like this in a long time.

  5. Rosy Rocha

    HA! I knew it! When I saw this commercial I though “boy that was intensely epic” and my manfriend actually clapped and said “good lord Clint Eastwood is the Sh#!” or as the nun at my church would say, “Clint Eastwood is the SUGAR!” 

  6. Anonymous

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