See the Magic Tonight with Crystal Schenk, Shelby Davis and the PSU Chamber Choir in the W+K Portland Gallery Space

Every month, the W+K Portland office opens its doors for the First Thursday crowds, and this month’s gallery exhibition is a true winter wonderland. Local artists Crystal Schenk and Shelby Davis have brought unicorns, narwhals, winged wolves, owls and more under one roof. Tonight, you can see their magical creations and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and a performance from PSU’s Chamber Choir.

Check below for event details, and for more photos of the gorgeous art.

See the magic?
Thursday, December 1
5:30 – 7:30 PM
(performance by PSU Chamber Choir at 6:15 pm)

About the installation
Literally everything about the holidays is magical, from a fat man sliding down chimneys to a menorah that stayed lit longer than it should have. No matter what age you are, we each have a child within that wonders at the magic of it all, and can’t wait to be enthralled. What captivates us the most are the legends. Here in the Northwest, a group of creatures came to life — inspiring an enchanted tale of a holiday where unicorns, narwhals, white wolves with wings and more come together, under one roof that holds both earth, water and sky. We invite you to add new chapters to old mythologies and have the experience become part of your own magical holiday story.

About the artists
Crystal Schenk & Shelby Davis are local artists who make work both individually and together. This installation is Crystal & Shelby’s third large-scale collaborative project. Their previous work includes a life-size semi truck made out of drywall, which was featured in Portland in 2010.

Crystal Schenk primarily makes sculpture and sculptural installations, although she sometimes dabbles in video, drawing and knitting when the mood strikes. Rather than practicing material monogamy, her sculptures range from stained glass to magnets to expanding foam. She has a very labor-intensive and detail-oriented way of working, in which craftsmanship and material choices play a large role. Her sculptures address issues of physical and mental health/illness, memory, class structure, and social interaction. Much of her subject matter is drawn from her family history. Schenk received an MFA from Portland State University in 2007, and BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999. Her work has been published in Sculpture and Craft magazines. She is an adjunct professor at Pacific Northwest College of Art and Portland State University.

Shelby Davis is a multimedia artist who focuses on sculpture and has a penchant for found materials. He is a skilled draftsperson and craftsman who mixes high tech digital planning with a folksy and precision obsessed hand held approach. His subject matter is derived from the deeply personal, the humorous, or the paradoxical. He holds a deep interest in science and unfinished fiction. Some art is installed without permission. He is from a small town in South Carolina and now resides, works, and teaches in Portland, Oregon. Davis received his MFA from Portland State University in 2008. He has shown prolifically in Portland, cities all over the South Eastern United States and has exhibited in Los Angeles, Tennessee, and in Portland’s Time Based Arts festival as a member of the art group PAINTALLICA!at 6:15pm

A full gallery of photos is available for your perusal over on our Facebook page.

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  1. Shawn Duncan

    Jeeze, I saw this and loved it and now I find out that it was done by you!!! nice job ladies


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