W+K Portland Celebrates Halloween 2011 with Kids, Costumes, Reptiles, Haunted Conference Rooms, Bouncy Castles & More

Every year around the end of October, the W+K Portland transforms into a Halloween wonderland for kids, with popcorn machines, pony rides, face painting and more. Each quad on every floor decorates their area according to a theme, which this year included Fractured Fairy Tales, Horror Beauty Parlor, HR/PR ER, Lost in Space 2, Candy Land, the Great Pumpkin, 80s Dance Party, Dia de los Muertos and a Dismembered Dungeon. Check them out below, along with some of the cutest kids’ costumes you’ll ever see.

This year, the beaver statue was a mummy (in previous years, it’s been a vampire and a circus master).

Karaoke at the 80s dance party.

At the Dia de los Muertos area, kids could learn about the celebration, visit an altar, and make paper flowers and decorate sugar skulls.

HR/PR had a haunted ER in the Nest, where kids could get spooky scars and bandages.

Spooky decorations abounded, especially near Juanita’s Hair of Horror, where Aveda stylists gave visitors scary hair and makeup.

The Reptile Man had an entire menagerie of cold-blooded slitherers, sneakers and creepers.

A ring-tailed lemur

In the Dismembered Dungeon, kids hunted for body parts among the balloons.

Everyone got into the spirit with fairway games like fishing for candy, mini golf and more.

In the Fractured Fairy Tales area, kids collected coloring books and put their feet up for a bit of classic cartoons.

The Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) brought an art car for kiddos to paint.

Candy Land art decorated the 6th floor catwalk, where kids followed the colored squares to reach the bowl at the end.

The Portland Children’s Museum provided cool and creepy science lessons, including bubbles, green slime with bugs in it, and rocket tutorials on the deck.

In the Lost in Space 2 area, people played with interactive robots and had their tweets read aloud by a compliant, red-eyed computer pal.

Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and Ghoulia Yelps and Draculaura from Monster High

Thanks to Arla and everyone who helped organize, decorate, run and clean up after.

Past Halloweens at W+K:

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  2. Theclampffer

    did i ever tell you about the time i was in 12, and i was showing a kid who was walking around on halloween the pumpkin i had gotten from a Sauvie’s Island pumpkin patch, and the stem i was holding it by broke off and the 4 pound pumpkin dropped square on my laptop, because at the time we were given these old jacked up PC’s from the agency and so i had brought my mac laptop from home, and right then and there my computer never worked again? i now have a strict no pumpkin near computer policy. 

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