Our Favorite W+K Global Posts, October 24-28

This week, W+K global offices get artistic: art shows, decorating hidden offices, making fonts, sketching amazing late night doodles, and more, from Portland, London, Amsterdam, Delhi, Shanghai, Tokyo, Studio, W+K12 and The Kennedys, below.

Portland – W+K Portland Celebrates Launch of New IT Department


London – design in action


Amsterdam – A White Wall is a Missed Opportunity


Delhi – Fantasy Football.


Shanghai – There’s always something to smile about总有一些事情值得微笑


Tokyo – Students put their heads together for Ishinomaki


W+K Studio – The Future


W+K12 – Riswold Starts WWI


The Kennedys – This Is How We Do It


No .gif of the week this time around. If you’ve got a good one to share, post it in the comments.

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