WKE Presents Screening of Archie’s Final Project at Portland’s Hollywood Theatre

WKE recently curated the northwest premiere of “Archie’s Final Project”, a film about teen suicide and winner of over 20 film festival awards including Best Picture at the Berlin International Film Festival, at the Hollywood Theatre. The film’s star Gabriel Sunday was present for a Q&A with the audience. Learn more about the event, the film and its impact below.

“Archie’s Final Project”, directed by David Lee Miller, is about a teenage boy (played by Disney’s Gabriel Sunday) who’s grown up fully immersed in digital culture. But despite his material and social advantages, he’s depressed, and decides to create one last video project, ending in his own suicide.

The Hollywood Theatre hosted the event, which featured a Q&A with Gabriel Sunday, who talked about the film’s unique vision, how he came to edit it, its suicide awareness message and his future work.

Across the country, teens who are sympathetic to the main character of the film, have experienced or have friends who have experienced suicidal thoughts, or have suffered from bullying, have been declaring, “I’m an Archie”.

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