ROFLCon Summit Attendees Gather at W+K to Explore & Discuss the Impact of Internet Culture, Memes & Communities

This month, Portland’s geek community gathered at W+K for ROFLCon Summit, a spin-off of ROFLCon and an event that “bring[s] together the leading generators, preservers and advancers of online culture so they can talk about where it’s all headed and what it means to everyone else.” See our photos of the event, meme-themed artwork and more, below the jump.

Meme and internet-themed artwork greeted visitors; note the new portraits in the background.

People attended panel discussions on emerging platforms, internet culture and geopolitics, defending the internet, collecting and preserving the web & the internet underground.

We heard from the founder of sites like Know Your Meme, ICanHasCheezburger, 4Chan,, UrbanDictionary and the Internet Archive, and the people who run Reddit, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and BoingBoing, among many others. They shared their stories of founding, funding and the hard work that goes into maintaining and perpetuating some of the most popular and populated sites on the internet.

In between sessions, attendees had the chance to learn from some great speakers, including a game designer, the gatekeeper for videos on Funny Or Die and the inventor of the software that powers all wikis today, in ROFLCon Summit’s “Ask Me Anything” series.

Bennett Foddy, creator, QWOP/GIRP


Darryl Gudmundson, Gatekeeper, Funny Or Die


Ward Cunningham, CTO, CitizenGlobal and creator of the original wiki software

The day ended with a party on the deck featuring food carts and meme-themed cocktails, including Double Rainbow jello shots and the “Lemon Party”, a gin/lemon/honey liqueur/champagne concoction.

Image by Reid Beels

Couldn’t make it? Check out the schedule of events at ROFLCon Summit’s page, and bookmark this post – we’ll edit it when the archived stream of the day’s live feed becomes available.

3 thoughts on “ROFLCon Summit Attendees Gather at W+K to Explore & Discuss the Impact of Internet Culture, Memes & Communities

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  2. Tal0nn

    This is what I was looking for.  Somewhere I could express my thanks to the W+K community for sponsoring such an amazing event.  Having arrived home from my first blissfully nerdy PAX only a few weeks prior, I thought this event would be just a sliver as thrilling, but it turned out to be a far more intimate and rich experience.  You are to thank for that as much as the panelists and fellow internetters who attended.  So thank you, and please consider hosting it again SOON! <3


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