Ink Stories: Memory and Growth

For New Orleans native Ginevra Kirkland, tattoos carry a lot of layered meaning. This lovely bunch of flowers is her second tattoo. Read about its inspiration and see more pictures below.

Ginevra’s first tattoo was a butterfly on her lower back at the age of 18. She was inspired to get a second tattoo after receiving henna art during her time at SXSWi in Austin, Texas. That whole summer, she’d been wearing quince blossoms in her hair, so she decided to have the flower inked on her shoulder permanently.

She wanted to have a design that could be expanded, and she says that she’s picky – so she was very pleased when her tattoo artist hand drew the design from photos, and she immediately loved it.

The tattoo contains white ink, so it still shows up when she gets a tan. It took about an hour and a half, and her best friend came with her for support. The most painful parts were the centers of the flowers.

“It means different things in different cultures,” Ginevra explained. “And it means a lot of different things to me.”

For her, it represents beauty and independence. It also reminds her of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC, and of a summer when she’d worn quince blossoms in her hair.

“It meant so much to me,” she said. ‘I like the idea of growth and being able to change [the tattoo] in the future.”

As for plans for more tattoos? She’s open to it. She likes her artist, but doesn’t have a concrete plan in mind, though something that incorporates the fleur de lis symbol would be in the running, as she’s a loyal New Orleanian.

Ginevra Kirkland, the woman behind the ink:

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