Ink Stories: Dainty Pain

This week’s ink story is from a dainty woman who can take some pain. She has seven tattoos and plans to get more. Let’s see what ink she has to show the world.

“It takes a certain type of woman to pull off a sleeve and I wonder, am I that big of a badass?” muses Kirsten.

She is pretty badass in our books already for taking on a rib cage for her first tattoo (shown above) at the age of 19. Although the bird motif was extremely painful, she said it set the standard of tolerance for her tattoos to come.

Following the soaring canary, Kirsten got a bow on each wrist. They represent her womanhood and being everything a woman can be: from a passionate artist, to handling harsh critiques, to remaining feminine and embracing it all. Although they were the itchiest healers, they are among her favorite tattoos thus far:

The loudest tattoo was the skeleton key that’s inked behind her right ear. Her grandparents had an extensive collection of skeleton keys which she used for design studies during art school. For Kirsten, they represent the key to life listening to her, and although they were the loudest, they caused her the least pain.

Red roses are the key to a woman’s heart, but for Kirsten a black rose represents a love gone sour – the reason for the tattoo on her lower left shoulder. “It was cliche; I didn’t get a breakup haircut, I got a breakup tattoo,” she said. “There was nothing that would feel better than to get some work done.”

It was the first tattoo she got by herself and said she felt strangely empowered. Her other favorite is the heart she wears on her sleeve for her late stepmother. Her stepmom embroidered a heart for her before she passed away and since she never got the chance to say goodbye, this was her way of paying her last tribute.

The woman wearing the ink: Kirsten Golden

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