W+Ker Series: Meet Brandon

Virginia native Brandon Thornton has been with W+K as a planner for nearly a year, and between his work, his photography and sneaker hobbies and his blog about Portland arts and culture, he’s really settling into his new Oregon home. Check out our interview with Brandon to learn more about this fascinating guy.

Q. How did you find yourself at W+K? When did you start here?
A. W+K was the only agency I wanted to work at. So when I graduated from graduate school (VCU) in May 2009, W+K was the only place I actively pursued for an opportunity. In May 2010, I began interning as a planner on EA. On October 11, 2010, I began working as a full-time employee at W+K.

Q. What accounts are you working on?
A. I work as a Strategic Planner on the Nike as well as Velveeta and Laika.

Q. Where did you live before Portland?
A. I am from Richmond, VA also know as the 804, the Cap City, RVA. That is where I was living before I moved to Portland. I love my city and where I grew up. It made me who I am and always made me strive for something bigger in life.

Q. What are some cool personal projects/hobbies/collections of yours?
A. I don’t know if you would call them cool or even good, but I like to do them. I help run a blog, vanylapdx.com (Pronounced like the ice cream.) with Charles Lee and Lane Musgrave on the side. I am also teaching myself photography. That is really fun. I love documenting life’s moments. For me taking pictures is a way to show how I see the world and as a way to challenge myself to see the world and people from a different perspective.

I also buy a lot of sneakers. I wouldn’t consider myself a collector because if I like them enough they will be on my feet. Charles Lee (EA Media) is also teaching me to DJ. We plan on having a mind-blowing East Coast/West Coast combination. Look out for us in the next year or so, are parties will be live 95!!!

Q. What’s your favorite pair of sneakers?
A. Easy, but it is a tie. Air Jordan 3’s, both colorways. Nike Air Max ’95s with the neon accent. Besides being some of the sickest sneakers a human will ever put on their feet, these two gems were also game changing sneakers in sooo many ways.

Brandon’s extremely tidy desk area.

Q. What do you use for your photography hobby – digital SLR, film, Instagram, etc?
A. I use a Nikon D3000 and D5000. I am looking to upgrade soon. Instragram is cool and definitely fun. I wouldn’t consider that photography though. Some people get pretty artistic with it, so I am sure someone would disagree with me.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about living here? Your least favorite?
A. I am not sure what the best thing about living in Portland is yet. I have only been here a year and some change. I still have a lot more ‘Portland’ things I need to experience. So right now, the best thing about Portland is trying to find the best thing about Portland. My least favorite thing is a no-brainer. The rain.

Q. If you could work in any other industry, what would it be?
A. Who wouldn’t want to be an astronaut? There are only like 100 of them. They are super duper geniuses. They get to wear cool ass spacesuits with the crazy mask on the helmets and fly spaceboots. Best of all you can go into any room and be the only one who has been to Space and it would likely be true. If someone says they have, you could look at them funny because you know they are probably lying. You would know them. There are only 100 astronauts. I’d want to be the first astronaut to encounter extra-terrestrial life. It is a shame the Space Age has come to an end.

Thanks, Brandon!

10 thoughts on “W+Ker Series: Meet Brandon

  1. Dom

    Love how all the cool cats have sneaker collections, wear thick frames & yankee or dodger caps with that stupid gold round sticker on top. How creative and original can this joker be. Seriously.

    1. Cooler Than Dom

      There will always be a hater,that’s the way it is. Hater guys marry hater girls and have hater kids. 

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