Help Cure Cancer by Following WKE & Jack’s Long-Distance Paddling Video Project

A cancer diagnosis touches more than just the person receiving it – it radiates out, affecting family, friends and beyond. So when W+K’s Max Erdenberger heard about his friend Jack Marshall Shimko’s battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma and personal project to paddle 150 miles through the open ocean, he reached out to his W+K colleagues. WKE’s Janice Grube was especially moved by Jack’s story, having lost both her parents to cancer.

As an affirmation and celebration of his life and body, Jack was determined to paddle 150 miles up the California coast, starting in Santa Barbara and ending in Newport Beach.

The team – a mobile production crew aboard a support boat – accompanied Jack by boat as he paddled for 12-15 hours each day, pausing to rest for before returning to the water. Along the way, he faced sharks, whales, curious dolphins and seals, and the wake of a massive oil tanker, as well as the fatigue of his own well-trained body and the elements.

The result? An amazing set of videos produced by WKE tracking Jack’s progress up the coast. The vids were shot each day, edited on the boat and shared live online every afternoon via a satellite link.

This year, Jack is back. He got into the water on Saturday, August 27 for another paddling trek to raise money for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation through his own cancer research non-profit, Paddle2Live. He’ll be going twice as far this time, starting at Point Conception and ending at Newport Beach on September 10. Each day at 3 PM through Sept 1, the team will post a video of Jack’s day on the water, which will trigger updates on Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow Jack’s progress online in near real time.

Visit the W+K page for this campaign to watch the trailer for this great collaboration between WKE and Paddle2Live, and follow along with Jack’s progress on their Facebook and Twitter pages. You can donate to Team Duke on behalf of Jack Shimko by visiting this link.

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