Space Ducks Recap

Our August First Thursday exhibit, Space Ducks, generated a crowd that left pleased and entertained. We put on a show that featured Daniel Johnston’s authentic and original work from his upcoming adventure comic book, Space Ducks. Many people took that adventure home with them and every piece was sold out before the show even began. Daniel Johnston will be performing live on August 25th in our lobby so be sure to stop by. Big thanks to all of those who contributed to making this event a success and everyone who showed their support.

The cover of the Space Ducks Comic:

A Daniel Johnston original:

A wall of art draws eyes:

A different kind of greeting:

Pages of the comic book:

Other pieces of original artwork:


3 thoughts on “Space Ducks Recap

  1. Maraholly

    I like how he took his famous HI, HOW ARE YOU and repeated like it’s Campbell Soup by Andy Warhol because, like, it is.

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