Wolves in the building…Yeah, you heard it right

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5 thoughts on “Wolves in the building…Yeah, you heard it right

  1. Sef McCullough

    Call it what you want, but the truth is that wolf issues are a big deal here in Oregon. Oregon is a big part of W+K, and W+K a part of it. Meeting an endangered species like this is a very moving experience. Our goal was to help Mission Wolf spread the word, get people here who aren’t familiar with all the problems that wolves are having trying to live in our great state introduced to the issue, and just spend a rare moment with a beautiful animal. These are rescue wolves, and while they are considered domesticated, its a far cry from a hand raised pet. They need very special care. That’s why we love Mission Wolf, and the organizations in Oregon who are trying to help wolves who aren’t fed and sheltered by good people. Get up to speed and help out if you like to have some wild left in the West.


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