Wolves in the building…Yeah, you heard it right

But, don’t panic. They are actually very friendly. Mission: Wolf, a solar-powered educational foundation that runs a sanctuary for 40 wolves brought three wolf puppies to W+K yesterday.Surprisingly enough, we were actually allowed to pet the wolves and even received a lot of love back from these wonderful creatures. Clearly, the wolves felt comfortable in our atrium:

And, the entire agency even howled at the moon in an effort to get the wolves to howl:

Beyond the awe factor of actually getting to see wolves up close and personal was the lesson that it taught all of us about respecting nature and appreciating wild habitat sustainability. Big thanks to Mission: Wolf for visiting W+K! Be sure to visit their site to find out more information about their cause: http://www.missionwolf.com

5 thoughts on “Wolves in the building…Yeah, you heard it right

  1. Anonymous

    great stunt. too bad it doesn’t really mean anything except a headline in your blog.

  2. Cory McCollum

    To the above comment: Haters gon’ hate.

    I think this is awesome, and I’m glad y’all posted it! I love getting a glimpse into the wild world of W+K.

  3. Sef McCullough

    Call it what you want, but the truth is that wolf issues are a big deal here in Oregon. Oregon is a big part of W+K, and W+K a part of it. Meeting an endangered species like this is a very moving experience. Our goal was to help Mission Wolf spread the word, get people here who aren’t familiar with all the problems that wolves are having trying to live in our great state introduced to the issue, and just spend a rare moment with a beautiful animal. These are rescue wolves, and while they are considered domesticated, its a far cry from a hand raised pet. They need very special care. That’s why we love Mission Wolf, and the organizations in Oregon who are trying to help wolves who aren’t fed and sheltered by good people. Get up to speed and help out if you like to have some wild left in the West.


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