Happy Birthday, Mother Earth

By Matt Brown

This week the UN has been deciding whether Mother Earth deserves the same rights as your actual mother. Here at W+K we’ve been Doing Good Stuff for Mother Earth for a while now. We recycle, upcycle and bicycle. Our empty Coke cans go towards funding a local school, our building has had a series of revamps to make it more efficient than ever and we’ve been helping our clients with some really awesome sustainability communications (most recently, Nike Better World). We recognize that there’s still a lot we can do which is why we’ve got a brand new team dedicated to making W+K harder better faster stronger in sustainability. So whatever the outcome of the UN’s latest (huplanitarian?) mission, we’re celebrating Earth Day today: find below a tasty collection of tree hugging adventures, curated by your green friends in PDX.

Fish without the baggage

Sushi tastes better when you’re not destroying the oceans. Fact. Bamboo Sushi is better for you and the planet (so say B Corp, the Marine Stewardship Council and loads of others). Their seared mackerel carpaccio is unreal. Geddit here: 310 S.E. 28th Ave.

Ski and Board Greener and Greasier

And while you’re out at Bamboo, why not complement your asparagus tempura with a side of fresh pow pow?  For around $10, the Greasebus will pick you up from SE Portland and whisk you on to Mt Hood Meadows powered with waste vegetable oil from Portland restaurants. Cool beans.

Upgrade Your Squat

Or castle. Or hippie commune. Whichever it is, a home energy audit sounds about as exciting as this, but when the Clean Energy Works guys come round to your house (for free) and go all over with their fancy Star Trek techmonology to find exactly where the heat is escaping, it can all seem much more adventurous. And no less important – you’ll save the world and loads of cash. So do it.

Lease Some Sun

People here look like they could do with a bit of sun. Which is lucky because for as little as $20 a month, Solar City will slap some panels on your house. They get paid because your panels generate energy that they sell to the grid – you get green with no effort. Booya.

Farmer to Fork

The Open Kitchen don’t just bring the farm to your fork, they bring the farmer. And the wine maker. And the chef. Last time I was here I was sat next to the pig farmer come mushroom forager that grew my nosh (which was very fantastic indeed). Forty bucks gets you 4 courses, wine pairings and any tip or profit from the night goes to providing good food for people who can’t afford it. Double rainbow. Held twice a month: email for more.

Do Something Good for a Damn Change

City Repair basically do exactly what you’d expect – you can volunteer your time to make Portland less this and more this. Get to their Earth Day show tomorrow (Saturday April 23rd) at SE 12th and Stark and you’ll get a dozen bands playing for free powered by solar energy. Fingers crossed all this global warming makes it a sunny day!

Not really. That’s not how it works.

Your Mom Was Right

You’re too messy. Get rid of your crap at the Trash 2 Treasure event tomorrow.  Bring something, take something. Don’t just take something – that’s not cool. Saturday 10-3, 7535 North Chicago Avenue, St Johns.

Good luck to Bolivia and the UN getting Mother Earth’s rights recognized. I hope the moon doesn’t get jealous (you know how the moon gets sometimes). Have a great Earth Day.

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  2. Zeiss conquest

    I don’t think many people understand the importance of Earth day. We need to actively promote and educate people about Earth day. Because this rate of resource consumption is definitely not sustainable by our planet.

    Shawn Moluth


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