Founders Day 29

Tomorrow is Founders Day and we’re turning 29. It’s the last hurrah of our twenties so obviously we’re going big. How big? Well. . . that’s the fun part.

If you haven’t kept up with our past Founders Days then you probably don’t know that we keep everything secret until April 1st. On past April 1sts, however, we have been known to go a little crazy. . .  like try to break universal records and listen to the Beastie Boys crazy.

So, we wait with baited breath for tomorrow and in the meantime will share a few loving words of encouragement from our very own Willie Shearer:

So, tomorrow is finally Founders Day.  Can you believe it?  I know, I can’t either.  I mean, I can believe that it’s going to be April 1st again, but not that it’s Founders Day.  But, I guess those are kind of the same thing.  If you’re attending Founders Day 29, I’m hoping that you have been training for the past several weeks.  If you haven’t prepared and/or if you are a newbie, I want to thank you in advance.  It’s the people that are going to wing tomorrow that make the best post-party water cooler fodder.  The one drawback this year is that FD29 is on a Friday which means that people will have an entire weekend to conspire with their friends to come up with a plausible excuse for their FD behavior.  Be sure that there will be pictures and a post-party wrap up, call out, bus roll to follow on Monday morning.   I, for one, will not be sorry for partying, but that’s because I have unicorn’s blood and princess DNA. . . winning! -xoxo, Willie

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